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connexMatrix’s advanced monitoring systems, by nexMatrix Telecom, Inc. constantly checks your server, phones, and services for uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If a downed server or service is detected, we proactively begin working to correct the issue and bring everything back online if you select that service

connexMatrix’s unique monitoring system provides multiple levels of monitoring to ensure that your server has maximum uptime. These systems run both internally and externally of your server for redundancy

Features you Require


When you business is driven by communications, the connexMatrix fits the bill!


The control panel is the heart of the system. You can setup locations, add, change, or delete devices. Thresholds may be set along with automated report delivery.


connexMatrix includes the ability to keep detailed notes about each location, including the history of the network and devices. No more wondering what’s happened.


It doesn’t matter where your devices or endpoints are. Enterprises will love the method that each location can get full reporting on call volumes and queues emailed to them directly. Local branches and offices will know when someone is not on the phone or the broadband connection goes down. connexMatrix makes management simple and you can now take control of your environment and be proactive.


Carriers and Enterprises will love the flexibility to perform advanced monitoring systems constantly check your server and services for uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If a downed server or device is found, you are notified via text or email to take action immediately. nexMatrix can monitor your locations as well using connexMatrix and work to resolve the issue.


With the nexMatrix connexMatrix solution you’re never be worried about your network down again. Set a threshold that if a SIP trunk goes down a secondary kicks in, or if you lose your broadband connections, you can set a backup POTS line that will forward on down. Never miss a call with queuing that will allow calls to wait instead of getting a hang up or busy signal.


Reporting by location using a Protel PBX or Protelity Hosted PBX solution is simple. Reports may be emailed each evening of the days activities. Abandoned calls, queue abandons, even call volumes may be sent. Want combined reports to see what your locations are doing now? You can even pull combined reporting for all your sites! A perfect fit from small companies to large enterprises.


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